The House Rule

1. Only the tenants are allowed to use the apartment, other persons (customers, friends) are forbidden to enter.

2. The doors are to be closed when leaving the building, as no liability of any kind can be assumed. The doors can also be closed at night.

3. To be paid by the tenants.

4. In the appertement smoking is prohibited due to fire hazard.

5. The Miter should keep from 22 clock the night’s sleep. If they are lame, hit the door, run around, romp, etc., they must leave the apartment immediately.

6. At departure the co-workers have to leave the apartment till 10 o’clock, sont one more day is added to the rent.

7. When leaving the Miter must not leave a mess. You should wash the dishes, the garbage in the standing next to the gate garbage can.

8. In the event of non-compliance with the house rules, the property management company shall terminate the rental agreement without entitlement to payment of the balance of the tenants.Running Sneakers | What Are Nike Dunk Shoes?: An Overview , Gov